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April 8, 2019
1:27 am EST
(time of forecast download)
residual art

top speed: 26.6 mph
average: 7.1 mph

2 m/s

4 m/s

6 m/s

8 m/s

10 m/s

15 m/s

20 m/s

30 m/s

Red shadow area > 5m/s

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Can't use 'Wind Map' for weather forecast.

First of all, special thanks to Wind Map in HINT.FM
I inspired from 'Wind Map' and many wind visualization web sites.

I'm living in Yokohama Japan. We will get a chance to see Oympic games in Tokyo from August 2020.
Sailing race will open at off shore near Enoshima of Kanagawa-pref.
Let make image of wind field around Yokohama. My 'Wind Map' was for all sailers and everyone.

We'll proposal new wind visualization.
It was for quick understanding today's wind variables. Wind Tube

Today's Sagami-Bay
TODO sagamiwan TODO sagamiwan
Tsujido Amedas

Our wind data is simulation by WRF/NCAR. Boundary condition is based on MSM/JMA.
We are updating data every morning before 7am in Japan. We get a GPV/MSM(initialized 18UTC/03JST) at 5am, then start calcurating on my PC at 6am.
Our WRF model calcurating term is form 03JST to 18JST. Grid spacing is about 2km and write out data snapshot each 20minute.
i7-4790K/ubuntu16/PGI fortran

Japan Meteorological Agency
Today's Weather chart

Sea and land wind

Backgroud map image is using GSI map database.
reliefGSJ map

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JFlight Great experience of real pilot in real cockpit with real sceneary and sound.
A320 cockpit/insta360 movie

Another our 'Wind' projects
TODO msm-earth Earth

Crusing Weather

Weather and Marine

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